Trauma & Storytelling: Alisa Roadcup on RefuSHE's Approach

"We work to be so aware of the long-term effects that sharing a girl's story will have, and to ensure that the story is told with thoughtfulness, and sensitivity, and care for the well-being of the girl first and foremost."

-RefuSHE's Executive Director, Alisa Roadcup

At RefuSHE we strive to highlight an uplifting and hopeful narrative within the global refugee crisis: the strength and resilience of young refugee girls. We want to empower each of the young women in our programs to have full ownership of her story and share her message with respect, honor, and dignity.

Our Executive Director, Alisa Roadcup, sat down with Refinery29  at FRESH: Live in New York to share how RefuSHE supports refugee girls and young women to recover from traumatic experiences through using their voice and sharing their story. Alisa reminds us that anyone can be an advocate for the most vulnerable.

Watch Alisa's full interview to learn more about RefuSHE's storytelling approach.