RefuSHE Renaming

Frequently Asked Questions


Is RefuSHE a different organization than Heshima Kenya?

No. Heshima Kenya is now known as RefuSHE. 

Why did you change your name from Heshima Kenya to RefuSHE?

The renaming of Heshima Kenya to RefuSHE reflects our dedication to serving the most vulnerable among us, refugee girls. The principle of Heshima, Swahili for respect, honor, and dignity, will continue to serve as our organizational core value as we move forward as RefuSHE. Learn more on our blog

What about the Maisha Collective?

Our social enterprise, formerly known as the Maisha Collective, is an integral part of our holistic model and will stay that way. Bringing the program under the RefuSHE name eliminates confusion between the brands and allows our customers to better understand the critical role social enterprise plays in the lives of our beneficiaries. Learn more about our economic independence program here and shop our collections here.

What does your new logo represent?

The profile of a young woman was created to represent any and every woman around the globe. The logo reflects our signature holistic circle of care, our gendered lens to serving women and girls and emphasizes our global impact. 

How did you decide on the name RefuSHE?

After a two-year period of extensive research with our beneficiaries, board, partners, and staff, we decided on the name RefuSHE. We believe that our new name will ensure that beneficiaries and supporters alike can more easily access the work that we do. We are inducting our beloved Swahili name of Heshima as our organizational core value.

What does this mean for the organization?

Our dedication to our mission, vision, and approach will remain the same. As RefuSHE, we will be poised for the next stage in organizational development. It is clear that this name change will position our organization for growth across leadership fundraising, and partnerships, and most importantly, a greater impact for refugee girls worldwide.

How can I donate to RefuSHE?

You can donate here. RefuSHE is tax-exempt and is eligible to receive charitable donations.